NK - image 2Nichole R. Smith.com journals the years before Mid City Love from February of 2010 until April of 2013. Here you’ll find stories about my move to Grand Rapids, competing in the Miss America Program, traveling with friends, meeting my husband Jeff, and so much more.

In May of 2013 we launched Mid City Love where we still blog today. Nichole R. Smith.com has become a place to reminisce and we often link MCL posts to archived NRS entries, including Our Travel page.

Mid City Love is a journalistic-lifestyle blog that shares stories about us, our city, and our lives within. To learn more about us, The Kladders, visit our About page or Connect with us by email. We hope you have a kick-ass day.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Nichole:

    I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. You are such a beutiful young lady both inside and out. I am proud to have you in our family and reading your blog has brought memories and tears to my eyes. Thank you and Good Glug.

  2. I and Uncle Wayne (Everett) are thinking about you every day and wish you the very best.
    The Everetts -Lake City, Michigan U.S.A.

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